have found decorating a new house so demanding with a side of out of my mind insanity its probably cause I do that thing that always gets me in trouble, I think too much, and I rush. I really thought a year was enough time but with changes in the so called plan like getting pregnant and ripping apart my closet/office to make room for baby was a mild detour.

And the thing is I am still not done and knowing me I might never really be done. I am always changing and always wanting to move things around.

After shooting my home reveal, I told my husband ok, I’m ready to move things
around again. The look on his face was priceless. By this time he is some
what use to me changing things on him. I always tell him well at least I am
not boring and I keep you on your toes.

When shooting it made me think about each piece that I have brought home, where I found it, why I made the buy and how taking time and curating a living space is so important.

When my husband and I decided to sell everything we owned before moving into this new place I thought it was would so liberating to clean slate it and start anew instead I found myself scrambling to find just the right couch and fast since we had no couch for over a year! In hindsight I might have not be so rash and sold everything like the couch but lessons are learned and patience was acquired.

All Diptyque candles, marble tray, 3 monkey’s, cracked vase from Maison Midi

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