It’s A Texas Thang


One thing that I have noticed since being back is that Texans are damn proud of being Texans, its like a secret society that you don’t understand until you’re here. I guess I had forgotten that, I did leave home when I was in my late teens so I feel like an LA girl at heart. Going back to my roots can be an adventure and I am going to wear my Texas t-shirt proud.



Oh, The dunes, Looking back at these images makes me wanna get in the car and drive back right now. This tunic was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be worn. It was one of the best days, the dunes were surreal and the sky went on forever. Makes me miss California and all the beautiful landscapes it has to offer. Can’t wait to explore Texas!

Tunic: H&M | Pants: Isabel Marant for H&M | Boots: All Saints | Sunglasses: Dior

A New World


Happy Monday! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I know I did, I am finally settling in to my new life, new house, and new city. Its taken me about a month to really get use to the idea that I’m not styling full time, not making weekly trips to Barney’s, and not living among the palm trees. I do miss LA dearly, but I really have seen a whole new world since I have left. Sometimes you get so use to life as you know it that you never think that…

Sweater & Skirt: Intermix Exclusives | Sneakers: Zara | Sunglasses: Celine

Playing Catch Up


Yesterday my husband and I finally sat down and started going thru our hard drive of many many TFS shoots, we found about 15 shoots that had never been posted due to busy schedules and too much on our plate. But thats why we are in Texas for a year, to step away from the go go life we were living and catch up on what’s important, maybe like changing my last name after we got married almost 2 years ago.. oops!

Jacket: Reiss | Turtleneck: Zara something similar by Enza Costa | Pants: Maje something similar by Rag & Bone | Boots: ASK’A | Bag: Chloe | Sunglasses: Celine from Barneys

Spring Is The Time For Rebirth


Transitioning from winter to spring happens to be one of my favorite times. Spring is always a time for rebirth for me since I am a spring baby but going from lots of layers to adding hints of spring can bring excitement about what is to come.



I’m sitting on the floor of my very empty living room as I write my last post as an Los Angeles resident, before I become a Texan. Hehe. The truck is half way loaded up and we leave tomorrow morning. We have decided that we are going to make it a 3 days adventure and stop at some must see locations…

Real Talk


What a week it has been, filled with so much emotion, confusion, and joy. It’s now about 20 days from moving and I have to say the best advice has been from my mom, who is such a light in my life, she says feel all your feelings even the ones you don’t want to feel and I have. I never really looked passed this time in my life, I mean I knew I would be married, have kids, a family but I guess I really didn’t see how I was going to get…

Texas Bound


Well I’m announcing some big news today and to be honest I’m a little nervous, change is exciting but also a little scary especially when it involves leaving everything you know to starting anew, nope I’m not pregnant, not yet at least. Who knows what the next chapter holds but as for now Kelly and I are…

Dressing The Part


In a way I have always been a tomboy, I love dresses and dressing up probably more than I should but hanging with the boys, riding bikes and getting dirty is equally as fun. I guess I knew growing up I would never want to be just one thing, I liked being a camillion of sorts and that is still…

Denim Vest: Harley Davidson | Sweater: H&M | Boots: Zara | Sunnies: Dior | Fur Jacket: TopShop