On the way to Texas we stopped in Palm Springs. Hands down one of my favorite places to visit in California, probably cause I love the heat and and the overall feel of the city. I feel like I become a new woman when I enter the city, wearing delicate dresses, breezy tops and bohemian prints that are strong yet feminine. In the city I like a bit more structure but in PS you can reinvent your wardrobe by just pairing certain items together like that maxi dress you’ve had in your closet for ages and pair it with some beat up…


Moving to Texas has really made me appreciate good vintage pieces and seeing my closet in a new light. For 10 plus years I have been spoiled with being in the stores every week, pulling new items, seeing new collections and shopping…


I really can’t believe I am still going thru older outfit posts after 1 month today of being in Texas. I guess I had really kept myself busy. I’m so glad I have the time and energy to put 100% towards the blog now. It really is such a passion of mine, it did take a while to be able to focus 100% but I am sure glad I worked hard and most importantly had patience.


One thing that I have noticed since being back is that Texans are damn proud of being Texans, its like a secret society that you don’t understand until you’re here. I guess I had forgotten that, I did leave home when I was in my late teens so I feel like an LA girl at heart. Going back to my roots can be an adventure and I am going to wear my Texas t-shirt proud.