I have been searching for a new summer fragrance ever since LA hit 70 degrees. But I was looking for more than just another fragrance; I wanted a scent that embodies what summer is to me in this new chapter of my life filled with sun-soaked adventures, the smell of fresh citrus, a warm comforting

I’m sure most of you have that leather or faux leather jacket in your closet that has been tried and true each season. For me a leather jacket is like an old friend. I throw it on with most anything, every season, spring or fall. I am even wearing a leather jacket tonight to an event with a tweed mini dress.

As Mother’s Day is right around the corner I am feeling all sorts of emotions. Most importantly proud. Proud to say I am a mom. It’s like I am part of some really cool club.

After 9 months of prep for baby and almost 5 months of real life stuff I stand a little taller. I carry myself with more grace and I often stop and think how incredible it is to be a mom.

In the past I have been wary of flats & lace up’s. The reason being is that I didn’t feel that flats did anything for my height (I am about 5’6..5’7 on a good day). Lace up’s would cut my leg off and is the opposite of elongating.

Walking into spring with new insights and an open mind. With this open mind I was cruising Etsy looking at cute baskets for running around town.

In the mist of Coachella week madness I am posting April Beauty. This month is all about beauty from the inside out. I feel we focus so much on the outside that we forget what we put in our body shows on the outside.

April 4 2017

With simplistic shoulder baring silhouettes appearing on the runway it’s only fitting that I would gravitate towards swimwear as ready-to-wear. This Amaio suit with it’s clean lines works perfectly with an unexpected bottom like denim.