Ever since the debut of The Fashion Sight, I have always had a photographer to shoot all my looks and content for posts on my blog.

Until about 7 months ago when my husband encouraged me to pick a camera and try it myself.

March 21 2017

Let’s talk about perfection.. UGH! I’ll probably could go mental thinking about it to much. Ok, here goes… Perfection, doesn’t the word just drive you crazy? I mean what does it even mean? What is perfect to me, might not be perfect to someone else.

January 30 2017

 At my 4am feeding last night with Lola I was reflecting on what my so called life was like just 6 weeks ago. It is so true what they say that children change so much in your life.

I often forget that I can’t just go jump in the car and grab coffee, that I need to check Lola’s schedule to see if she’ll be hungry when I’m out or if its her nap time.

July 25 2016

Recently I have started a new ritual at home during lunch. If I’m not out and about pulling clothes for shoots or lunching with friends I’m usually on my computer writing on my blog, replying to emails and concepting new creatives aka glued to my computer.

I would often go for a hike in the middle of the day so to relax my eyes and bring myself out of the k hole that is my computer but I started craving more away time.

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Everyone has a routine before they go out on a Friday night or head off to an event. So, I wanted to share with you guys an exclusive insider’s peak at my pre-night out routine. I start by playing my favorite

I come from an editorial background and I always have these big ideas on locations and concepts for our shoots but then my husband has to pull me back down to earth and say Ang, this is what’s realistic and this is what’s not. A lot of times I know better but want to try

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with my husband on a video/photo project for a few good friends of ours. It really got me thinking about the past 14 years of my styling career. Being on set, pulling clothes, the cups and cups of coffee and working with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.