Thanks to a few friends The Now massage spa came into my life.
The Now is a serenre yet simplistic massage bar where massages start at $35 dollars(30 minute massage) and go to $60 dollars(60 minute massage), yep $60 dollars.
It makes getting a massage a necessity. After I got my 30 minute massage I didn’t feel like I need to go home and relax. I felt refreshed, relaxed and calm to handle the rest of the day.

You can even grab your friends, hang out in the Journey room (image above) and have cocktails while getting a head or feet rub down or venture in the back to the
Moment rooms and have a more traditional massage with not zen music but a consistent wave sound that you’ll for sure get lost in.

Check them out

The Now
7611 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles ,CA 90036
T: 1.323.746.5525