Let’s talk about perfection.. UGH! I’ll probably could go mental thinking about it to much. Ok, here goes… Perfection, doesn’t the word just drive you crazy? I mean what does it even mean? What is perfect to me, might not be perfect to someone else.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I was obsessed about being “my” idea of perfect and sometimes still am. It’s so so hard to let go of it but in this digital age where things are moving way too fast perfection to me is starting to disappear.

As some of you may or may not know I was a celebrity stylist before I became a full time blogger. In my 14 years of styling my job was all about making the model and celebrity look perfect. Clip the back of the dress so it fits just right, tuck the sleeve here so it doesn’t look bulky. If I was on a photo shoot then the retoucher would go a step further and then pull in her waist, get rid of her bad skin and so on. Duh, we all know this and I’m sure we all get a little crazy on facetune.

The more and more images are uploaded to instagram I notice that the quality of the image, the location, and the message is so basic but those images often get more likes, more comments and those girls get more followers. I’ve racked my brain asking why? Why is perfection becoming extinct? Why is time being spent on creatives, prepping and execution of shoot not being appreciated anymore? We flip thru instagram so fast and are double tapping even faster that we don’t stop nor have time to stop and appreciated the hard work, time and thought that went into that one image. I am just as guilty as the next.

It so often happens that I will put so much time and energy into a shoot and then shoot a random outfit pic on the way to coffee and that image gets more engagement. So much more engagement than the one that I concepted, prepped and scouted a location for. I’ve been torn between the two. My 14 year career as a stylist says NO, take your time, make it right and you’ll be happy but than another part of me says things are changing, life is busy and in the imperfection comes beauty. So finally I have decided why choose? It’s in my nature to be a chameleon so why not do both. Post real life looks without thought and also build creatives for shoots that inspire but get rid of the idea of perfection. With imperfection comes beauty.

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  • I’ve had this internal battle as well… And I agree, we should do both. Love your blog and your feed!

    • Angela Fink

      Aw, thanks. Ya, both is good. The best of both worlds!

  • I adore this outfit! It has a good symmetry because you paired the patterned pants with the black from the shirt and boots, but the beret completes it all. Great photography!

    • Angela Fink

      Thanks babe!!!

  • You look fabulous with these pants!! I really made myself the same questions. Because I do like the two options. I try to do both, and sometimes it’s difficult, but I keep working on it. So nice post! Thanks for sharing!