Let’s be honest, I live for layering. I really can’t just do one item of clothing. If there is a chance to layer, I’ll always take it in a heartbeat. For me, I just feel so basic if my look is only one-dimensional and lacks different elements.

I believe in telling a story with your outfits and that every day your look can represent your mood and a part of who you are. Adding other elements to your outfits makes for a more interesting story. This Alice McCall light pink jumpsuit is sweet and super feminine by itself. The lacey pieces, the color, and even the netting around the neck scream sweetness and I love that but I felt like it needed to add a bit of an edge. So, I transformed my look and added my go-to IRO leather jacket (that I wear way too much).

Also, instead of going for a flat or a high heel I went for a block heel that met in the middle with seamless looking straps. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and style. I would love to hear about what stories you tell through your outfits and what narrative you think I’m telling through my girly-edge outfit!



Jacket: IRO something similar by Ganni | Jumpsuit: Alice McCall | Shoes: Dune London | Sunglasses: Celine

Photographer: Vincent Elejorde

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