Most of the time I want to break down a stylized look and explain why I did what I did, but this time I just want to talk about silhouettes. It’s one of the most important things to consider when being the stylist of your life. Everyones body is so different and as a stylist for over 10 years, I have plenty of experience with models being the same size but having a totally different shape. I am not gonna say it’s easy to find your silhouette, it isn’t! its research, it is trial and error, but you can find what works for your body type. Its a bit like branding yourself, are you a jeans and tee kinda girl? or are you dress and stacked heel girl? My advice is take the plunge into those ill lit dressing rooms and conquer that mirror. Try on, try on, and try on again to see what works for you. Not all cuts are the same, not all smalls are small, find a brand that suits you and stick to it.

Shirt: ZARA something similar by BANANA REPUBLIC | Overalls: RAG & BONE | Booties: ZARA (2 seasons ago) something similar by: 3.1 PHILLIP LIM (on sale) | Phone Case: CASECAVERN | Gold & Diamond Ring: STYLED BY NOIR | Snake Ring: STELLA AND BOW | Sunglasses: PRADA | Pearl Choker: ZARA something similar by: ANTHROPOLOGIE (under $50)