Wedding season is here which means soon the search begins for the perfect dresses, which can be challenging. With warmer weather heading our way there are important elements to consider when searching for stylish attire this wedding season. Let’s start with location. Since the weather will be sunny and lovely, a lot of summertime weddings will be held outside. If the wedding or reception will take place in a field, hilly landscape or beach, perhaps opt for a mid-length wrap dress if you don’t want your dress to drag, get damaged or dirty. Also, opt for a stacked or block heel– the only way to go when it comes to walking through sand, dirt and grassy areas or uneven surfaces.

It is always good to keep in mind if your attire is appropriate for the setting and theme of the wedding as well. If the wedding vibe is bohemian then go for romantic ruffles and if the theme Is more formal opt for a more body hugging dress. No matter what make sure that you’re dressed appropriately, you don’t want to be tugging on your dress throughout the celebration or showing too much skin- you’re there to support the happy couple, not steal the show, your day will come and that will be the appropriate time to go all out. Most importantly, enjoy the celebrations of love this summer without having to stress or worry about how you look, with this guide I already have you covered!

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