Happy first day of Spring! Everything just feels right with the world.. I love Spring! My birthday is exactly 1 month away and I’m such a spring baby. I love everything about it. It’s a time for renewal. To clean out the old and in with the new and I mean that mental and physically.

This spring is super special for me since my husband and I are entering a new chapter in our life. A new chapter as parents. Last weekend we cleaned out the entire house plus garage. I went from a closet room of clothes to 1 rolling rack of. I am not playing around. I even chopped my hair (thank you Clariss from Gloss you truly have become such a close friend). I am so like that.. to literally wear my feelings. To show them in everything I do wether it’s a new filter, or a total wardrobe change. I am easy to read by what I do and what I wear.

As I am listening to birds sing while I type this I’m beaming with happiness. What a wondering time in my life. Which reminds me to really enjoy every moment. 3 months ago I was NOT feeling this way. Was at the end of my pregnancy and it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ups and down are natural, I didn’t use to think that way but after watching winter turn to spring over and over again I realized that nothing lasts. Something new will arrive and to flow with it because before you know it it’s gone.

Dress: Moon River | Belt: Heidi Merrick

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