Since moving back to LA my husband and I having been trying to find our new normal which is exciting but at the same time takes some practice getting use to. Although we are back in LA everything is different, new house, new neighborhood, Kelly is working full-time doing motion graphics and I am blogging full time and not styling as much. Like Ive said before its good to change it up, it builds character, gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to see the world in a new light.

Since Ive gotten back I’ve learned that getting up early is key, having a morning routine helps balance out an unpredictable day, and consistency is everything. That being said this skate park shoot was when Kelly and I were trying to find out a good time to shoot, so we got up super early headed to the skate park so I could film him riding and he could shoot me before he went to work. We learned that trying to do that much in morning before he needed to be a work wasn’t working. Its been lots of trail and error but that just means I am closer and closer to finding what works, just like with style you try something and if it doesn’t work you move on to something else.

Jacket: Zara something similar by:Asos (on sale) | Dress: Zara something similar by:MSGM | Shoes: Zara something similar by:Grenson | Necklace: Dylanlex | Sunnies: Celine

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