Ever since the debut of The Fashion Sight, I have always had a photographer to shoot all my looks and content for posts on my blog. Until about 7 months ago when my husband encouraged me to pick a camera and try it myself. The thought of photography and the entire process of using photography tools, camerawork and editing all seemed too time-consuming and daunting for me to take on by myself. So, initially when it was suggested I fought it hard, I even found different photographers to shoot the blog content for a while. But I have always loved a new challenge and one day I gave it a shot!

After a while I finally had a breakthrough. Although at times shooting could be difficult and frustrating I soon began understanding and picking up on certain camera settings and how to get the best shots with a tripod. Once I gained more patience with the whole process I learned to love experiencing every aspect of shooting my own content for The Sight! Now, my favorite looks to shoot myself are billowy and layered with ruffles and pieces with those aspects have become more of a staple in my wardrobe. So catch me wearing more Zimmermann and ETRO pieces on future posts. What I loved most about adding photographer to my list of qualifications was the challenge it presented because the reward was even greater than the challenge itself. Honestly, it taught me that you will never really know what you love until you give it a try and keep trying.
#Self Photography

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