What a week it has been, filled with so much emotion, confusion, and joy. It’s now about 20 days from moving and I have to say the best advice has been from my mom, who is such a light in my life, she says feel all your feelings even the ones you don’t want to feel and I have. I never really looked passed this time in my life, I mean I knew I would be married, have kids, a family but I guess I really didn’t see how I was going to get there or what the next stage in my life would look like. I was so focused with this chapter that I never really looked ahead and now that its here I feel like I am walking on unstable ground. Not knowing where we are going to live (still looking for a house), not styling shoots every week of my life, living a completely different life then the one I have now for 13 years. I do get scared sometimes but then I know this is the right step even if I can’t see past that first step. Its exciting and frightening all that the same time.

My husband is such a free spirit, he would go anywhere with me, do anything and be 100 % happy, I admire him for that, to be happy whatever he is doing, and living in the moment, I mean it’s a beautiful thing. He’s been rubbing off on me a lot lately, I feel like its the real me shining thru, the one that wants to get a in car and drive to a new place.

One of my followers said to me on twitter today that I inspired her to follow her dreams even if they don’t turn out the way she planned, I mean, doesn’t that just make your heart glow? Everyone always says that whats around the corner could be so much better then you ever imagined and its so true, I am living proof of it.

Everyday after making the decision to move to Texas has been more rewarding then the last, more joyful, and plain right easy. It’s funny when you step outside of a job that consumes you 24-7 and breathe, it’s like the whole world changes as if it knows that you followed your heart and doors open all around you.