Perfectly undone, two words that best describe my hair goals, always. I use to haul around a travel size baby powder in my purse/car so that my hair would always look fresh after a few days cause lets be honest 2-3 day hair is often the best hair. My hair would turn a chalky white in some areas more then others and my friends could smell me a mile away.

So when VERB dry shampoo came into my life or should I say hair, it was a life-hair changer. Its not a spray like so many others, its a powder but very fine and not too white, and its 100% blend-able. For coachella I didn’t have to worry about washing my hair for 3 days which might seem so dramatic but I tend to worry about those things. I just threw my hair up in a towel, showered and then got out and did a little Ghost oil and dry shampoo and my hair was just the way I wanted it, perfectly undone.

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  • Love your hair looks! So rock’n’roll chic!


  • Cara E

    This hairstyle is gorgeous on you! I need to try it out xx

  • Great pics! I hate washing my hair everyday, so I will have a look and try this dry shampoo. Thanks for sharing! Your hair looks great and perfect!

  • Ugh, I want everything you’re wearing and I totally wish my hair looked like that when it was shorter. Gorgeous!


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  • Sandra Henningsson

    Talk about hair goals girl! Wish I could pull off shorter hair like that.

  • Maria

    First Dotted black dress is more than beautiful.