November 28 2016

Josh is the most friendly, hard working and creative guy I know. I admire his hunger and drive for the next opportunity and step forward as a businessperson. His determination and passion for his new venture, Alfred Tearoom is extremely inspiring to me as an entrepreneur in the fashion…

I discovered Rosemarie Auberson’s work right after finding out I was pregnant I had a standing appointment to check out some new artwork at Tappan Collective and I took that as a sign that I needed to have one of her pieces. The piece I purchased was the first image below. I knew right then and there that this nontraditional blue and pink combo was serendipitous.

You can find some of my other favorite pieces below and you can purchase her works at Tappan Collective.

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JD lid tints are mistake proof, easy to use, and best of all you don’t have to give up your powder. All you need to do is apply your powder as usually and then with a quick swipe of the finger create a new color combo or intensify your color. Not a shadow girl then go solo with the tint which leaves your look dewy and adds a pop of color.

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Instantly, I knew I absolutely had to share both her inner and outer beauty with whomever I could. We initially began speaking on Instagram and then I asked if she would do me the honor of guiding me through her workspace, to see her creative process and environment.

I sat down with Harold Kensington to discuss his design process, his aesthetic and to really delve into his inspirations and experiences as a young, up-and-coming designer. Harold got his start at DVF then made his way to Celine and from there, collaborated with Kanye West on his collection