December 7 2016

Its been months since I first started concepting my nursery room decor. Seeing it all come together has been somewhat emotional for a few reasons. My baby girl is almost here and its becoming so real. A vision come to life is always rewarding.

December 3 2016

With less than 3 weeks left in my pregnancy I thought it was a perfect time to write about my beauty regime. My body chemistry was changing, and I could say goodbye to chemical peels, bleach on the scalp and gel nails. I knew it was time to reassess my routine. My skin is already sensitive so I would..

December 2 2016

Yesterday I was making selects on my baby room reveal shoot that I did last week and I was overcome with some many feelings about how in less than 3 weeks I will have a baby, I will be a mother, Kelly (my husband) will be a father and how things will forever change. Change is a part of life but that..

November 30 2016

This is my first year to ever do a gift guide and its been fun curating an assortment of goodies for gals, guys and babes. I did everything $100 and under but for more gift ideas at every price point check out Gift Guide for HER, HIM and CHILD.

November 28 2016

It had been a while since I had shot a look with my good friend and photographer Vincent but once reunited it felt like old times. We shot a few baby bump pictures inside hoping that the sun would come out after the rain and just in time the clouds parted the rain stopped and the sun shined through..

November 28 2016

Josh is the most friendly, hard working and creative guy I know. I admire his hunger and drive for the next opportunity and step forward as a businessperson. His determination and passion for his new venture, Alfred Tearoom is extremely inspiring to me as an entrepreneur in the fashion…

November 28 2016

I have found decorating a new house so demanding with a side of out of my mind insanity its probably cause I do that thing that always gets me in trouble, I think too much, and I rush. I really thought a year was enough time but with changes in the so called plan like getting pregnant and ripping..

November 22 2016

The ultimate buy for me this season was an oversized striped shirt. I knew that I would wear all the way from pregnancy to post and get plenty use out of it. It allows just enough room for a baby bump and post I can’t wait to wear with some light wash denim half tucked.

November 21 2016

Since becoming pregnant I have had to reinvent pieces I would normally wear a different way because of my changing body. A growing belly means a shorter dress rides up more in the front than usual so pairing this IRO dress with jeans was a no-brainer.

Only 2 more weeks of my Madison Pop Up Shop! Be sure to check it out here or if you are in the LA area head over to Madison on 3rd and check it out.

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November 15 2016

As I have mentioned in the past I have been putting my house together, slowly but surely. It has been a long process and its still not complete but I thought I would share a preview of one of my favorite pieces so far, a piece of art work by photographer and fellow Texan living in LA Gray Malin.