Day 2 of Kelly and I’s anniversary getaway at The Villa and I woke up feeling refreshed with so many ideas. I threw on my favorite pair of denim (which I can’t seem to stop wearing) grabbed my laptop and started finding inspiration, reading and jotting down notes. I felt so lucky to just be able to step away from the fast pace of life, lay in bed, listen to the waves crash and let my creativity flow.

I think it’s time for all you guys to know a little bit more about me. I think it’s best to start off with my companion of four years, Kelly my husband, whom I love dearly. Without him, this website would have never been brought to fruition. He is my rock and it seems just like yesterday that we met (4 years ago this month). I don’t know where I’d be without him, but I’m sure happy he is in my life. He and I run the fashion and beauty sight, we are a team in business, and in life. It’s going to be a year that Kelly and I have been married (August 12th) and I have felt every emotion one could possibly feel. We have been through so much together from loss of careers, to family members, to the joy of new additions and so much more including nights of non-stop laughter. He’s my best friend and I don’t think i’d be where I am today, perusing my passion and sharing…

After a long break from videos and youtube, were back at it. My husband and I are so excited to be doing videos again. This time we invited long time friend and celebrity makeup artist Anthony Nguyen to show us how to achieve a really simple smokey eye. Anthony is an amazingly talented artist and he does a great job at breaking down the process and making it easy to understand.

I love this Monica Rose for Lovers & Friends bodysuit, they are just perfect for an easy to go look. I love the drape of this bodysuit and low cut neck. I paired it with my favorite wedge mule sandals. I also dressed the look up by adding a chain strap bag, but I love the black sexy body suit paired with a…

          Most of the time I want to break down a stylized look and explain why I did what I did, but this time I just want to talk about silhouettes. It’s one of the most important things to consider when being the stylist of your life. Everyones body is so

I am so excited about the new menswear collection that just launched over at this is truly menswear at its finest. To be completely honest I am not a flats girl by any means but for some reason cupid shot his arrow and I fell in love with oxfords. One of the things I

On our way back from Big Bear my BF and I found these amazing trees and we are both so visual we had to pull over and snap some pics. There was a “No Trespassing” sign but we couldn’t help ourselves and I am so glad that didn’t stop us. I am a good ole

Well here are some images from my BF and I’s Big Bear trip… what an amazing day we had. The sun was shining, the weather was to dye and I was with the one I love what more can you ask for. I love dressing in layers, and not only for a stylized look but

This might  be the longest summer ever that I have experienced in Cali, and I could not be happier! I am really excited for Fall with all of it’s layered glory but wearing a dress with booties in October with no jacket is a good time. I am def going to enjoy while I can.

OK, I am obsessed I mean obsessed with Zara so I basically made a whole outfit from all the goodies from zara. I do this often.  It’s such an addiction but I can’t stop. How much do you guys love Zara? ZARA PANTHER SHIRT WORN BACKWORDS/ ZARA FRILL SKIRT/ ZARA WEDGE BOOTS/ PROENZA SCHOULER BAGImages by: AMBER KASEN