Mixing and matching has become a hobby of mine and I can’t get my mind off of these ruffles! I love the contrast of these two pieces of my look. From the structure and shape to colors and textures. The yellow leather and tough-ruffles combo feels so cool and modern.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I absolutely love the way designers have been transforming swimwear this season! Swimwear becoming everyday wear this season is game changing. One-piece suits have become works of art and can’t just be shown off at the beach anymore-they need more exposure.

I’ve always had a flare for dramatic details especially when it comes to this look! I have a weakness for stand-alone tops with one of a kind details. Versatile tops that can be easily dressed up or down with jeans, a patterned pair of high-waisted trousers or even an updated pair of overalls like in this look.

Whether your favorite summertime leisure activity is hiking, going to the beach or a picnic. I have a list of all your must haves to pack in your chic, trendy woven basket bag for your favorite summer activities.

Right now, cropped pieces can be seen everywhere going into spring and summer. When creating looks with cropped and shorter length pieces it can be tricky to find balance and symmetry. I have a few tricks to make my outfit look put-together.

This summer my beauty goal is to have dewy, hydrated skin with bright pops of color.

I’ve become more drawn to one-piece swimsuits and I couldn’t be happier that they’re trending! In the past, there were only a few one-piece designs to choose from but now we’re seeing more figure flattering cuts and styles for every body type.

Some trends stay fresh and new by how they’re styled, worn and recreated. Reinventing a trend can be exciting and challenging but it’s fun to try out looks you haven’t thought of before.

As you get older you become a different kind of shopper.

When I was younger I was constantly shopping for pieces that weren’t the best quality, wouldn’t last more than one season and were just too trendy.

Now I have become a more strategic shopper…

Finally, summer is here and so my search begins for one of my favorite summer staples: sundresses! Sometimes dressing for summer can be…