Worn In Rugs

 I first moved into my new place in September 2015 and its now January 2016 and I still have not bought a single piece of furniture for my house.

When Kelly and I were moving back to LA from Texas we decided to sell all our furniture and start over fresh. Not only did we save time and money by not traveling back with all our stuff it made it easier to search for a new home because we didn’t have to think about if our table would fit in the dinning room. Of course I have a home board on pinterest and a wishlist a mile long but Im taking my time. I don’t want to rush into anything.

This weekend my friend and I went to the Rose Bowl to just look and see whats out there, what could be and what I was drawn to. I have to say I wasn’t really drawn to anything, these worn in rugs definitely caught my eye but nothing I was ready to take home. I’m excited about searching for those “just right” pieces even if it might take a while.

  • Sandra Henningsson

    Take your time and when you find that right piece you’ll know! Looking forward to see the finished project, Xx