Some of my favorite things in the world are new fragrances and new furniture. Not only do Helmut Lang fragrances smell so good, but the bottles are perfect decor for an empty vanity or look just as beautiful on the bathroom counter. It looks perfect on my new credenza!

I found my new favorite piece of furniture randomly while scrolling through Instagram. It is an original “Lane” piece that I fell in love with instantly for its versatility as a statement piece. Also, I couldn’t beat the price. I had been looking for a 9 drawer long credenza but they were a bit hard to find without paying $2k. So after searching high and low I was scrolling my feed and came across this piece from Timothy Doyle, who’s taste is in line with mine and he was selling it for only $600. I knew I needed it, I DM’ed him and the next day it was mine. The adaptability of the piece was what really sold me. It could go in any room and look totally different.

I’ve been working on building my husband and I’s dream living room since we had initially moved in. Although the current set up is only temporary it was good enough for the time being. But now, adding the credenza and within a few weeks my new couch, there will only be a few more pieces left and finally we will have a living room after well over a year of only having a baron space. I can’t even believe that is finally possible! Slowly but surely, I will make sure that I get the right pieces that are perfect for the space. But this is a great starting point! I have my new fragrance and I can’t wait for my new furniture.

Artwork: Tappan Collective | Necklace: Tai | Bag: Balenciaga | Parfumes: Helmut Lang

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