My Wedding Story

My Wedding Story

My Wedding Story

I think it’s time for all you guys to know a little bit more about me. I think it’s best to start off with my companion of four years, Kelly my husband, whom I love dearly. Without him, this website would have never been brought to fruition. He is my rock and it seems just like yesterday that we met (4 years ago this month). I don’t know where I’d be without him, but I’m sure happy he is in my life. He and I run the fashion and beauty sight, we are a team in business, and in life. It’s going to be a year that Kelly and I have been married (August 12th) and I have felt every emotion one could possibly feel. We have been through so much together from loss of careers, to family members, to the joy of new additions and so much more including nights of non-stop laughter. He’s my best friend and I don’t think i’d be where I am today, perusing my passion and sharing my knowledge with all of you without his support. Growing up, I didn’t dream of having a big wedding; honestly, in my mind it was more like an adventure, running off into the woods in a gorgeous long gown, chanel boots, long messy hair and getting married, nothing big just to commit my life to my best friend. When he asked me to marry him, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. He asked me in May of 2013 and we planned to have our wedding in August 2014 but after looking all around LA & Ojai nothing felt right, even waiting a year didn’t feel right. We were driving home from yet another venue and we both turned to each other and said lets just get married right now. We were half way joking and half way not. Kelly and I felt that it was becoming too big of a deal, with a lot of money being spent, we were losing sight of what was really important. Probably about a week after that half joking comment we called our parents told them to be in LA in two weeks and we are going to be married, everyone was thrilled and two weeks later we were married. Our wedding was small and intimate on a bluff overlooking the ocean in Pacific Palisades, California. It was so romantic and one of the best days of my life. My hope for you all is to find someone like this in your life and know that you are capable of doing anything your heart desires. Everything happens for a reason and every experience/adventure is a learning lesson. Those bumps on the way got me to where I am now and have made me a stronger person inside and out.

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  • Di

    Beautiful….Just like you two. I love you and miss and am so happy for you both! Sure would love to see you more, but know how busy you are. Happy early Anniversary! Hugs and Love to you both! MiL

  • Beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  • Lauren

    So much love to the both of you. When we were little girls, one of our favorite dress-up games was playing “wedding”. I treasure those precious memories more than you know. I am so thrilled that you found a partner in love and life.

  • Constanze

    Congrats! You’re so cute together. And the pics are amazing.
    Our marriage is next year in May. 🙂

  • Katherine H.

    Angie, You deserve the best! Im thrilled that you finally found your soulmate and best friend. The best of luck to you on this new chapter. Congrats!!!