Well I’m announcing some big news today and to be honest I’m a little nervous, change is exciting but also a little scary especially when it involves leaving everything you know to starting anew, nope I’m not pregnant, not yet at least. Who knows what the next chapter holds but as for now Kelly and I are moving to Texas March 1st for a year to be closer to my parents, step back and reassess that new chapter and focus on my biggest passion The Fashion Sight.

Coming from a small town in Texas in 2002 to Hollywood I came with eager eyes and dreams beyond the stars. Now 13 years later I have lived my dreams and achieved more than I could have ever imagined. Ive been a stylist at E! Entertainment, the Style Director at WhoWhatWear, worked with a long list of celebrity clients, worked on many a red carpet, countless publications, TV shows, and most recently worked as the in house stylist and style expert for JustFab. These last few years have absolutely been my favorite chapter in my life. Its when I met my husband, some of my best friends, moved into our first home, and really defined who I am today.

Last Friday was my last day at JustFab after almost 5 years! Over the past year I slowly realized that I was giving up so much of myself to make six figures, styling photo shoots, working freelance for my clients, and focusing on The Fashion Sight (if and when I had down time), that I wasn’t leaving any room for myself to grow. I was working 3 jobs and didn’t have time for my family. Ive been on a non stop roller coaster for thirteen years in LA and now its time for a new chapter. On March 1st my husband and I will be moving to where my roots began in Texas and taking a year to focus on The Fashion Sight full time as well as fly to NYC/LA for clients or for campaign work but as for the everyday, I won’t be driving around, pulling at Barney’s or working on-set which Im going to miss dearly. It’s so hard to move on from a life that you loved for so long but I am ready for the new, new inspiration, new energy, and new sights. I can feel it in my body that its the right time to step back and focus on what the next 5-10 years have in store.

I was asked in a meeting the other day “you’re an established stylist why do you wanna be a blogger?” And I said why not? I get the freedom to speak on any issue, trend or just talk about my life. As a stylist you have some freedom but the majority of the time you are working with a client that has a certain demographic and you have to create within that box. I’ve worked within all of their branding and style guidelines which has been such a wonderful lesson in my life, its opened my eyes to what girls want, what works? what doesn’t?, and why? but I have learned what I was meant to learn and now its time for me to go off and share what I have learned.

There really are too many people to thank for these amazing years and all the unforgettable memories will be cherished. I want to thank my husband for his support over these years, he truly has been my rock, my inspiration and my best friend.

Look out for more updates on my big move and If anyone has any questions for me or comments, I would love to hear them!

Images by: Porter Counts

  • Best of luck with your move! Your story is very inspiring and I love that you choose to dance the beat of your own drum:)


  • Sounds like the right move to do now! You are very inspiring and I wish you all the best. Can’t wait for what’s next to come for you! Xx

  • Amazing!! Hope to see you somewhere in the US soon! Congrats to you both. I’m sure your next chapter will be fantastic just like you both are. #dreamteam xx

  • Wendy Warner

    WOW! I am wishing you the very best and, watch out Texas as the fashion queen is coming home!!!

  • Good for you! I wish you both the best

    xx Fortune