Adding sparkle and color is no problem for me. So I thought, why not when it came to this outfit. The bright pink tones in the billowy, oversized pants contrasts perfect with the scalloped black detailing while pairing perfectly with the sequined blouse.

The defining aspects of the look come down to color, texture and cut. The low cut deep V-neck top when paired with the high waisted voluminous pants highlights my waist and shows off just the right amount. The bold red and pink hues with the stark black accents made my look super chic and the contrasting textures added depth to this look. What tied these materials together were the sheer aspects to them.

I threw in the crisp white hat randomly because I’ve been wearing it everywhere lately and it added a cool effect.

Shirt: Ganni | Pants: M Missoni | Necklace: Tai

Photographer: Vincent Elejorde

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