For March beauty I decided I was going to head over to the Korean Pop Up at Nordstrom to try a few new products. Here are some products that now have a place in my beauty routine.

 The IPKN is the prefect primer for spring/summer adding a radiant glow under your foundation or alone for the no make-up, make-up look.
Let’s be honest when investing in eyeshadow it either has to be super special or be multi-functional. This Belleme is both. It has just the right amazing of shine without being overpowering. To change the look completely just add water for a more intense color.
Don’t let the package fool you. This too cool for school pumpkin mask removes all toxins while you sleep, no effort required.

This VANT mask has a different job and that is to nourish, and hydrate dull, dry skin while you sleep. Unlike the pumpkin mask which removes the everyday toxins.
Can you say magic in a bottle? This goes on mousse and magically turns into a lite oil that absorbs right into your body and leaves a sheen. My favorite part is that its lite, its not a rich oil that makes you feel sticky.
Finding the right lip color for spring is task. Usually I get a few new colors each season and then wear them non-stop. I found this Touch In Sol orange colored lip that goes on a bit like a stain but dries like a stick.
The mascara that has little pieces of paper in it that extends your lashes.. enough said.

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