Adding sparkle and color is no problem for me. So I thought, why not when it came to this outfit. The bright pink tones in the billowy, oversized pants contrasts perfect with the scalloped black detailing while pairing perfectly with the sequined blouse.

The defining aspects of the look come down to color, texture and cut. The low cut deep V-neck top when paired with the high waisted voluminous pants highlights my waist and shows off just the right amount. The bold red and pink hues with the stark black accents made my look super chic and the contrasting textures added depth to this look. What tied these materials together were the sheer aspects to them.

I threw in the crisp white hat randomly because I’ve been wearing it everywhere lately and it added a cool effect.

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This yellow jumper is definitely a statement look and the color is so perfect for fall. I loved toning down the brightness with this textured beach bag: it goes with more outfits than I even imagined! I think everyone should own a bag like this and mix it with an unexpected look.

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While shooting an upcoming editorial with my photographer we stopped for an impromptu shoot at the most interesting assortment of road signs all in one place.

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Since the day I met my husband, then he was a pro BMX rider, he’s shown me a different perspective on life: from two wheels. I grew a greater appreciation for my downtime, the beautiful city and my new means of transportation.

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Everyone has that favorite items they love to wear as much as possible because they were an affordable yet stylish find! I want to live in these vintage Levi’s that I got for only $20! The last time I found a pair of vintage Levi’s that cheap was 5 years ago at the Fairfax Market. But this time, I found them while I was shopping with my niece at Brandy Melville.

Needless to say, this purchase has been a game changer for my closet. Ever since Redone’s blew up, the prices for vintage denim have sky rocketed with their success, so this was a deal I couldn’t pass up.

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I’ve been experiencing fall-lust since we hit August. But it’s impossible to dress with fall in mind when it’s a scorching 90 degrees in LA. So, I need to bring some fall into my life without burning up. I paired my corduroy Frame jumper with a lightweight, textured Circus Royalty blouse. I love so many aspects about this pre-fall look.

The textures of both pieces are complimentary yet contrasting, which makes a cool LA street style statement. The romantic silhouettes, with ruffles, high necklines and sheerness contrasts with accents of metallic hardware along with the soft, thick fabrics for fall, like corduroy and velvet. All of these aspects come together to create the perfect fall outfit. I completed the look by keeping my shoes light and relaxed, with my go to slide slippers.

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Are the double GG’s taking over our lives? It kinda feels that way. Don’t get me wrong, I want everything and anything Gucci. I feel like any piece is a special piece and if you haven’t made the investment, now is the time.


Let’s be honest, I live for layering. I really can’t just do one item of clothing. If there is a chance to layer, I’ll always take it in a heartbeat. For me, I just feel so basic if my look is only one-dimensional and lacks different elements.

I believe in telling a story with your outfits and that every day your look can represent your mood and a part of who you are. Adding other elements to your outfits makes for a more interesting story. This Alice McCall light pink jumpsuit is sweet and super feminine by itself. The lacey pieces, the color, and even the netting around the neck scream sweetness and I love that but I felt like it needed to add a bit of an edge. So, I transformed my look and added my go-to IRO leather jacket (that I wear way too much).

Also, instead of going for a flat or a high heel I went for a block heel that met in the middle with seamless looking straps. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and style. I would love to hear about what stories you tell through your outfits and what narrative you think I’m telling through my girly-edge outfit!

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July 23 2016

Nothing better than a relaxing day at the beach. Growing up in Texas no one told me that the pacific ocean was so cold (unlike the gulf of Mexico which sides on the more tropical end) so I thought I would be a beach bum for sure when I moved to California. Then after living here for a while I found that I usually go to the beach bundled up except for those super hot days in the summer.

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I will be the first one to admit that ruffles really haven’t ever been my thing. But, I do always enjoy switching up my wardrobe and challenging my fashion comfort zone.