For as long as I can remember I have been enamored with blazers. I have about 20 blazers for all different occasions. I found this lightweight blazer that felt perfect for summer.

I’ve always had a flare for dramatic details especially when it comes to this look! I have a weakness for stand-alone tops with one of a kind details. Versatile tops that can be easily dressed up or down with jeans, a patterned pair of high-waisted trousers or even an updated pair of overalls like in this look.

Some trends stay fresh and new by how they’re styled, worn and recreated. Reinventing a trend can be exciting and challenging but it’s fun to try out looks you haven’t thought of before.

In the midst of June gloom, LA has been experiencing some not-so-sunny muggy weather recently, so I’ve turned to my go-to trench!

Lightweight layering is perfect for those days when there’s a chill in the air but you aren’t ready to pull out your heavy coat again or load on the heavy layers.

April 4 2017

With simplistic shoulder baring silhouettes appearing on the runway it’s only fitting that I would gravitate towards swimwear as ready-to-wear. This Amaio suit with it’s clean lines works perfectly with an unexpected bottom like denim.

April 2 2017

This weekend my husband and I went on our first family picnic with Lola. Our weekends are much different now with a babe. From what we bring to what I wear.

It’s been so interesting to me to see my style evolve over the last year. I have started purchasing items that are staples. I think long and hard about what I will bring into my closet. I only want items that excite me. I actively search for pieces that will take me thru a few seasons.

March 29 2017

I shot this image a few weeks back when I was pretty heavily wearing jumpsuits. Each day it was a new one but I was literally only wearing jumpsuits.

I guess that was my version of a caftan dress or dare I say a Moo Moo dress. Eek! I think I binged on the jumpsuit look but now I’ve pulled back and am happy to say I have found balance between regular clothes and a jumpsuit a month.

March 20 2017

Happy first day of Spring!

Everything just feels right with the world.. I love Spring! My birthday is exactly 1 month away and I’m such a spring baby. I love everything about it. It’s a time for renewal. To clean out the old and in with the new and I mean that mental and physically.

December 19 2016

This is my first post since my baby girl arrived 5 days ago. It’s hard getting back into the swing of things and realizing your new normal. I feel positive about the changes and am so excited to go into this new chapter AND finally wear high waisted pants again.

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