Jillian Dempsey’s new lid tints will make you rethink your routine, I know they did mine. Eyeshadow was part of my everyday and maybe a touch of vaseline for a more dewy look but beware of getting it in your eyes not to mention it could be really messy and all that for a glow-getting look, no thanks!

JD lid tints are mistake proof, easy to use, and best of all you don’t have to give up your powder. All you need to do is apply your powder as usually and then with a quick swipe of the finger create a new color combo or intensify your color. Not a shadow girl then go solo with the tint which leaves your look dewy and adds a pop of color.

The best is you can apply a lot of a little for a few different looks. No brush required either.


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  • Sandra Henningsson

    Love these! So clever, xx

  • So cool! Will have to try it out. xx, Erin – http://www.stylebythepeople.com

  • Really nice ! I just want it now !!! Grrr…

  • ShiningStarlet

    I bought four of the colors and love them. Great and so easy to get that polished look.