I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last beauty post. It really feels like yesterday that I posted about Tata Harper & Dry Brushing. I guess that’s what time is like when you have a newborn at home. For January I tried 4 new products that I have been excited to try. If anyone has a product that I should try please comment below.

Not only is the packaging visually pleasing so is the smell. As soon as you open up the box you are taken by the smell of Lavender and Sweet Orange which is beyond calming and perfect for a night treatment. It also comes in another scent: Ylang Ylang which I have yet to try.

The color is a pastel purple and the reason why is due to an all natural indigo root powder. I was nervous that it would turn my face purple which if you are using too much it might leave a hint of purple but just wipe off the excess and you are good to go.

Since having my little one my nightly shower is a way to pamper myself so adding this Superfruit Treatment to my routine was perfect. After washing and toning my face I would apply a nickel size swipe to my face and rub in up, always up. Then after my skin drank it in I would apply my nightly Oils, AHA, and Night Cream. When I woke in the morning my skin was the softest it had ever been.

Since having a baby I have been crazed about washing my hands, which has lead to the driest hands I have ever had. So I have been on a mission to find hand creams that aren’t to greasy for when I need to pick my little one up but have some intense moisture.

Grown Alchemist has been a perfect fit. I leave tubes all around the house; the kitchen, bathroom, and baby room. It’s become an addiction to even pick up and put on. Each smell is dreamy and the look just feels cool.

Like most out there I am a sucker for a good dry shampoo. There are few I haven’t tried and I’m usually into a powder dry shampoo vs a spray like this VERB one. When the Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam first arrived at my house I was so curious to how a foam could “undo” what was already done.

As I was pushing down the nozzle way too much foam came out and I was like “oh no, I’ve gone too far!” But instead of wiping some on a towel I went for it. I rubbed my hands together and started with palm to head just above my ears and worked my way to root and then down. As I worked in the product, I noticed it first goes wet and then dries fast, I even went back for more.

It gave my hair new life, it looked clean but worn in (just the way I like it) and full, which my hair is not.

Like I said before about leaving tubes of hand cream around the house LANO Rose Cream is one of those. This tube stays by my bedside. Its the one that I use before going to bed. The smell is pure rose and so sweet I feel like its a lovely smell to drift off to sleep with.

A few of the ingredients are triple lanolin and a rose blend. The triple lanolin is perfect for deep hydration. Another reason I use it before bed so when I wake in the morning my hands feel extremely moisturized.

LANO 101 Ointment is another one that I have on my shelf for those dry patches and really bad days when I have over washed my hands and need some intense hydration. I also use this when wearing a lipstick that feels too dry. I love a good matte lip but lately I have gone for a more hydrate look.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam • Ouai • $28
Lanolips Lano Rose Hand Cream Intense • $15
Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment • $58
Grown Alchemist – Age-repair Hand Cream, 40ml – one size • $39
Lano Lips 101 Ointment Mulitpurpose Superbalm • $16.95
Matte Balancing Moisturizer • $69
Verb Dry Shampoo • $14
Hand Cream in Vanilla/Orange • $15
Grown Alchemist – Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream, 65ml – one size • $24