Frayed Denim: Invest or DIY

Frayed Denim: Invest or DIY

To spice up an outfit, take a classic button down blouse with some great kitten heels, or structured pump and add frayed denim. Clean cut denim is a basic everyone…


How To: Smokey Eye With Celebrity Makeup Artist Anthony Nguyen

Anthony Nguyen Smokey Eye

After a long break from videos and youtube, were back at it. My husband and I are so excited to be doing videos again. This time we invited long time friend and celebrity makeup artist Anthony Nguyen to show us how to achieve a really simple smokey eye. Anthony is an amazingly talented artist and he does a great job at breaking down the process and making it easy to understand.

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When The Sun Goes Down


75% of my best memories are one’s when I am outside; there is just something about being in the middle of a field, the ocean, on one side and you right smack in the middle. It always makes me feel so small and that life shouldn’t be…


Bo Don For Schön!


Bo Don models for Schon! in this grungy and funky New York landscaped shoot. Styled in chunky, bold knits to oversized pants suits, this spread screams grudge and brings out the essence of New York.

My Love For The One-Piece


I have been wearing 2-piece swimsuits since I can remember but my love for the one-piece has grown strong this season. Maybe it’s the high cut on the leg that has me so excited. As a stylist, changing my style is a curse and a blessing, sometimes its…