Blue Jeans Blue Skies


Day 2 of Kelly and I’s anniversary getaway at The Villa and I woke up feeling refreshed with so many ideas. I threw on my favorite pair of denim (which I can’t seem to stop wearing) grabbed my laptop and started finding inspiration, reading and jotting down notes. I felt so lucky to just be able to step away from the fast pace of life, lay in bed, listen to the waves crash and let my creativity flow.

The Villa: Anniversary Road Trip Part 1


Its only fitting that Kelly and I would spend our 1st anniversary of being married on a road trip to some of our favorite spots in Southern California. Practically our first year of dating we were in the car every other week exploring So-Cal’s lakes, deserts, and mountains. Our first stop was Laguna, were we stayed in The Villa at Pacific Edge Hotel. When we first arrived we realized that we were staying in a 2 story beach house to ourselves. It was a dream come true, 2 french doors that opened up right to the ocean, a lush oversized bed and fireplaces in almost ever room. We quickly put our stuff down and opened…

On The Go In Stripes & Sneaks


Today definitely started out as a packed day full of appointments, meetings with new designers, pulls for my shoot on wednesday & coffee with a girlfriend but quickly turned into a new situation with a call from my assistant that we needed to shoot a last minute job this week, which happens all the time. My job is all about being on the move and changing directions fast so why wouldn’t I want something like this romper that I can go into any situation with? I do however bring a change of shoes just in case I get called into a last minute meeting with a client.

All The Makings For The Perfect Fall Look


How simple yet stylish is this look? It has all the makings for the perfect fall ensemble; an oversized sweater, leather pencil skirt, & booties. Not to mention how much I love her fringe & how the booties are paired with the same color socks for a slightly layered look.

Mango Fall 14 Campaign


I leave for Colorado next week and in my search for building an inspirational pinterest board for my trip I came across Mango’s Fall Campaign and fell in love with this simple yet properly styled look book. Daria is always breathtaking in such an effortless cool way.

Shop all the MANGO looks.

The Social Media Diet


Today I have decided to go on a social media diet, which means instead of indulging in all things social media; Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest I am going to ONLY post and not scroll. Lately I have felt overwhelmed by the constant inspiration, branding & things I want but don’t need. It’s already been half a day without scrolling and I feel so much more aware of what is happening all around me, my husband and I went for a drive, rolled down the windows and listened to our new favorite song Tuesday, we held hands, laughed and I wasn’t grabbing my phone every 5 seconds. It felt like when we were first dating. I am definitely not saying that I will never scroll again but balance is good and getting grounded aka clearing the mind allowed my imagination & creativity to flow. I think I’ll start a trend and do this every couple of weeks.

Rock Chic Behati Prinsloo For The Edit


From preacher’s daughter to Victoria Secret Angel, model Behati Prinsloo talks about her rock n roll lifestyle while showcasing this season’s hottest 70′s styles on The Edit.