Dreamy Days


Maybe it was the Free People dress, maybe the location or maybe that my husband and I connected on such a deep level that day that it feels like a dream. This was one of those days that will be forever imprinted in my mind. The golden hour came fast and on my way thru the tall grass I stopped to enjoy that very second. Everything was calm, the sound of the river flowing constantly but yet so gentle, the cool breeze, the warm sun. I felt like I was shining so bright, as if I was the sun myself.

On Location In A Field Of Dreams


Every Summer growing up my parents would take me to Colorado to go fly fishing. Since it is Kelly and I’s first year of being married I thought it only fitting that he would officially become part of the family by learning how to fly fish with my dad the pro fly fisherman. On the way into Crested Butte for our fishing license, we drove by this field with an abandon barn and worn down fence. I had my dad pull over and…

A Look Back


Looking back on these polaroids of Kelly and I’s road trip gives me such a joyful feeling. How adventurous of us to jump from place to place exploring old and new things. On Saturday morning we are hitting the road yet again to explore Northern California, such a perfect way to end the summer.

Randsburg: Anniversary Road Trip Part 2


Isn’t it funny how the little things can make you so happy? The first summer Kelly and I were together we were on a drive through the desert when we ended up in this little rustic mining town called Randsburg. The town is known as a pit stop for dirt bike riders. Kelly grew up visiting Randsburg while riding motorcycles with his dad. It was absolutely love at first sight. The town has such character, hidden from all major roads, it was like my very own little ghost town. I felt the need to capture the energy of the town so much that we filmed a TFS video called Wild & Free on that very first trip. On the way to the Kern River we decided to stop by and reminisce, I can’t believe…



Don’t you just love the simple things like this textured herringbone sweater with this leather skirt? It’s so funny how simple I have gotten over the past year. Not only have a simplified my wardrobe I have simplified my life from beauty products to everyday to do’s. I do highly suggest you invest in a leather or faux skirt or shorts. I have been wearing my oversized leather shorts non-stop thru Summer and plan on carrying them thru to Fall. Just one of those key pieces that are so versatile.

Gone Green


One of my favorite colors lately has been green, I seem to wear it more and more. Maybe its the relaxed army green that has me smitten. I remember seeing these J. Crew distressed cargo pants last season at the J. Crew Spring/Summer 2014 presentation and I knew…

Blue Jeans Blue Skies


Day 2 of Kelly and I’s anniversary getaway at The Villa and I woke up feeling refreshed with so many ideas. I threw on my favorite pair of denim (which I can’t seem to stop wearing) grabbed my laptop and started finding inspiration, reading and jotting down notes. I felt so lucky to just be able to step away from the fast pace of life, lay in bed, listen to the waves crash and let my creativity flow.