When I first found out I was pregnant a million things were going thru my mind but one that was the most important was my health and making sure I eat the right things, drink enough water and to be zen. My diet has always been restricted at my own hand only cause I really feel better when good things are going into my body. 10 years ago I cut out meat and diary, then 5 years ago gluten then I slowly brought back fish 6 years ago.

I knew I would need to make up for the lack of nutrients and all that good stuff for this little bebe growing inside me cause she would be taking in what I took in. Its been challenging to say the least but I am happy knowing that I am giving her all I can.

Not only was food something that I watched I made sure I was keeping myself mentally healthy too. There are so many things you need to think about once you have a baby coming and my mind was going crazy with worry and anxiety but like with anything I just needed to watch out and make sure to balance it out with mediation, getting out of that unhealthy head spaces and plenty of pampering. This is the time to get massages regularly, take relaxing baths and cozy up with comfy robe and just be. A lot of times I would worry myself for no reason and keeping your stress level down is so important when pregnant. This pregnancy has been so many things and I am so grateful for the lessons its given me.

Here is my every morning breakfast routine:

1 Gluten Free Waffle
1 TBSP of Flax Oil (good for a growing baby brain)
1 spread of Peanut Butter
1 scoop of Spirulina
1 scoop of Chia Seeds
1 scoop of Hemp Hearts (not seeds, hearts have so much more good stuff then seeds)
1 scoop of Flax Seeds

and this combo goes perfect with either a English breakfast tea with soy or a Almond latte.

Robe: Snowe

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