For a few months now I have been on the hunt for some products that correct dry skin. This year my skin has been extra dry, not to sure if its my recent relocation or California is drier then past seasons. Regardless I feel like jumping into a bath of lotion sometimes. After searching for a few months I came across Dermalogica. Since finding these products about a week ago I have noticed a big difference. My face feels fresh and looks dewy. I don’t have to keep applying hand cream 3 times a day like I was before. Just once after the shower and maybe before bed but thats only cause I want to not cause I need to.

After getting hooked on the hand cream I started trying other products like the eye serum and overnight repair serum which are now in heavy rotation in my beauty routine. Hands down the skin hydrating booster is my favorite, you don’t need much just about 6-8 drops before your daily moisturizer and you can even do it again at night after washing your face before a night cream. I wake up looking rested. I would highly recommend the skin hydrating booster especially if you travel a lot since we all know how dry our skin can get when flying.

Listed below are some of my favorite products from Dermalogica and now until 1/15/16 you can get 20% off your Dermalogica purchase by using the code “ANGELA”.

Precleanse– Precleanse prepares the skin to be thoroughly cleansed. It’s the first step of the Dermalogica Double Cleanse. It is an oil based cleanser that melts away makeup, dead skin cells, debris, pollution, etc. It will nourish the skin as you cleanse it. To use it, apply it with dry hands to dry skin. Once you have thoroughly manipulated it, add water to emulsify. When it turns white, that means it has encapsulated the impurities on your skin, so they can rinse away with no oily residue. Follow with your favorite cleanser. It’s best to use this at night.

Daily Microfoliant– This product has enzymes to digest dead skin cells, salicylic acid to control oil, and phytic acid to brighten skin. As sophisticated as it is, it is gentle enough to use daily. Use this once a day after cleansing. Be sure to keep the bottle dry, as the powder is activated by water.

Antioxidant Hydramist– Spray this on your face after cleansing to hydrate and for flash firming. It will also serve as an antioxidant shield for your skin.

Skin Hydrating Booster– After toning, use Skin Hydrating Booster. This is a very concentrated serum, so you only need 6-8 drops. Pat it on your face morning and night, after cleansing and before moisturizing. It is even safe to use around the eyes. Think of a raisin as dehydrated and a grape as hydrated. This will plump the skin with hydration, like a drink of water for the skin.

Dynamic Skin Recover SPF 50– This product is your medium weight moisturizer, age fighter and SPF in one. Wear it year round to seal in moisture, prevent sings of aging and protect from UV rays.

Overnight Repair Serum– Overnight Repair Serum is a luxuriously fragrant night time treatment. The fragrances are completely natural, and come from the essential oils in the product. Think of this product as peptides suspended in essential oils. It has Argon, Rose, Jasmine and Rosemary oils.

UltraSoothing Eye Serum– You only need about a drop per eye. Use this morning and night. It fights dehydration lines with hyaluronic acid. It fights bags and puffiness with caffeine. And it fights aging with vitamin A, derived from carrot root extract.

Multi-Vitamin Hand & Nail Treatment This is the remedy to prevent dry, chapped hands. It will deeply moisturize, and brighten the hands with antioxidant vitamins. The best part is that it does not have a greasy feel!

Skin Hydrating Masque– You can use this masque 1-3 times per week. It works great all over the face, and can even be used on the (under) eye area, lips, and cuticles. It will deeply hydrate with cross linked hyaluronic acid hold 10,000 times its weight in water. Leave it on for ten minutes and rinse off with water.