Finding Perfect In The Imperfect
 Ifeel like its been a long road since I left for Texas (and moved back to LA) on search of finding my sight again and I feel at sometimes I wish it would just be perfect and everything would be in its place. Even writing that I laugh out loud, what kind of life is that? Not a good one and I speak from experience.

For so long I tried to have my hair perfect, makeup perfect, outfit on point and all my instagrams just right with just the right filter and everything in a little box. A box is not healthy.. my whole life I have been an outside the box kinda gal and here I am putting myself in my own box of what I THINK it should be. Finally I said no more, after having this whole perfect thing wear on my soul and my relationships.

Being perfect isn’t even a thing rn, its all about being who you are no matter what, that is sexy, that is inspirational and I’m so glad I live in a time where we can make a difference and keep being yourself a thing. Im not to sure what this year will bring but I know that I will be enjoying every step of the way and finding perfect in the imperfect.