Yesterday I was making selects on my baby room reveal shoot that I did last week and I was overcome with some many feelings about how in less than 3 weeks I will have a baby, I will be a mother, Kelly (my husband) will be a father and how things will forever change. Change is a part of life but that doesn’t make it easy, this pregnancy has been a challenging one for me but has taught me so many things. Working on a “Lessons I’ve Learned During Pregnancy” post coming soon.

As I was sitting on my laptop I was thinking “Angela, people have babies all the time, chill out!” but instead of telling myself those feelings I had were ridiculous I took those feelings and decided to shoot my very minimum portrait and when I say minimum I mean a simple black blouse, simple earrings and only mascara. If I was going to feel fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm why not do it with images. After my shoot I was at ease and the mixed emotions had passed and I was confident and overjoyed again that this little person would be in my world soon.

I guess my point for all of this is, don’t ignore feelings, express them in the healthiest way you can and DON’T give in to them too much and before you know it a new feeling will take that place.

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