I’m sure most of you have that leather or faux leather jacket in your closet that has been tried and true each season. For me a leather jacket is like an old friend. I throw it on with most anything, every season, spring or fall. I am even wearing a leather jacket tonight to an event with a tweed mini dress.

In the past I have been wary of flats & lace up’s. The reason being is that I didn’t feel that flats did anything for my height (I am about 5’6..5’7 on a good day). Lace up’s would cut my leg off and is the opposite of elongating.

Walking into spring with new insights and an open mind. With this open mind I was cruising Etsy looking at cute baskets for running around town.

March 26 2017

This morning when I was throwing on something to wear I automatically went for my Gucci slides. As I was putting them on I said to myself “Have these run their course?” My slides have been my saving grace when I was pregnant. They have been the one thing I knew would fit.

March 17 2017

For a while now I have been collecting hoops and now I’ve become obsessed with them. I wear them everyday without even thinking about it. Its like putting my wedding ring on.

I switch up the hoop for the right occasion. I’m going to keep collecting, right now I’m looking for an oversize sliver pair.

Adding a unique shape to your daily jewelry pieces makes a statement and can dress your outfit up or down. I love the idea of layering the square shape watch with bracelets and rings that have their own unique shapes, sizes and textures.

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During the summer months I like to switch out my everyday bag for a oversized beach ready bag. I add in a bottle of sunscreen, layers, and a pair of extra shoes.

More is more in this case, big earrings, big cuffs and a big statement. I’ll be making bold choices this summer and I’ll be wear earrings that are sure to make the simplest look stand out.

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