As you get older you become a different kind of shopper.

When I was younger I was constantly shopping for pieces that weren’t the best quality, wouldn’t last more than one season and were just too trendy.

Now I have become a more strategic shopper…

Finally, summer is here and so my search begins for one of my favorite summer staples: sundresses! Sometimes dressing for summer can be…

Wedding season is here which means soon the search begins for the perfect dresses, which can be challenging.

With warmer weather heading our way there are important elements to consider when searching for stylish attire this wedding season.

This summer slides went from poolside to chic and I can’t wait to wear these all day everyday this summer.

Statement earrings are here for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited! This bold new accessories trend will elevate your favorite spring/summer looks and will definitely have heads turning.

I’m sure most of you have that leather or faux leather jacket in your closet that has been tried and true each season. For me a leather jacket is like an old friend. I throw it on with most anything, every season, spring or fall. I am even wearing a leather jacket tonight to an event with a tweed mini dress.

In the past I have been wary of flats & lace up’s. The reason being is that I didn’t feel that flats did anything for my height (I am about 5’6..5’7 on a good day). Lace up’s would cut my leg off and is the opposite of elongating.

Walking into spring with new insights and an open mind. With this open mind I was cruising Etsy looking at cute baskets for running around town.

March 26 2017

This morning when I was throwing on something to wear I automatically went for my Gucci slides. As I was putting them on I said to myself “Have these run their course?” My slides have been my saving grace when I was pregnant. They have been the one thing I knew would fit.