Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with “California girl style” is a swimwear and my ultimate California cool staple has to be my favorite Farfetch swimsuit.

I love the vintage vibe this two-piece gives with palm leaves and the vibrant burnt orange hues that are reminiscent of the coast.

Refresh your wardrobe with feminine and flirty detailed denim! You might feel like wearing a printed or embroidered denim isn’t for you and you wonder where would I wear it and how?

My favorite thing in the world is a top with character. I styled this billowy bow top with vintage Levi jeans and my white booties that I can’t stop wearing.

One shoulder dresses are the perfect statement pieces that bare some skin without showing too much! I love looks that show off the shoulders and collarbone-it creates a dramatic effect.

This past weekend I had an adventurous getaway with my husband- although we weren’t gone too long we definitely had to take a minute for ourselves to reconnect while doing some of our favorite things. All we needed was each other and the perfect photo op for my outfits of course!

Mixing and matching has become a hobby of mine and I can’t get my mind off of these ruffles! I love the contrast of these two pieces of my look. From the structure and shape to colors and textures. The yellow leather and tough-ruffles combo feels so cool and modern.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I absolutely love the way designers have been transforming swimwear this season! Swimwear becoming everyday wear this season is game changing. One-piece suits have become works of art and can’t just be shown off at the beach anymore-they need more exposure.

Right now, cropped pieces can be seen everywhere going into spring and summer. When creating looks with cropped and shorter length pieces it can be tricky to find balance and symmetry. I have a few tricks to make my outfit look put-together.