I have been searching for a new summer fragrance ever since LA hit 70 degrees. But I was looking for more than just another fragrance; I wanted a scent that embodies what summer is to me in this new chapter of my life filled with sun-soaked adventures, the smell of fresh citrus, a warm comforting breeze and creating happy, blissful memories with my family.

I have learned that as we grow and develop into the people we are today, we always end up finding sources of comfort in the familiar- whether that is within a lasting memory, photograph, song or even a scent. A signature scent can hold a great weight- it can transport you into the past by connecting to cherished, comforting memories and moments that may have been forgotten otherwise. The Clementine California scent from Atelier Cologne at Sephora is reminiscent of a light blend of citrus, sandalwood and juniper berry, which takes me back in time to a Southern California summertime- filled with the faint smell of the salty waves crashing on shore, wildly contagious laughter, boundless energy and beaming smiles.

What I’m most excited about is redefining this scent with my daughter Lola. I’m looking forward to classic vintage-inspired one pieces, cotton clothing, cool linen and casual cover ups to wear this summer while we get to create memories that will last forever in our family. In the future when Lola smells my favorite Clementine California perfume she’ll remember our fresh picnics on a warm summer days, beautiful rays of sunshine, unconditional love and a lasting bond with her parents.

Fragrances have the power to make you remember, to make you feel and experience things in a special way that is unparalleled to our other senses. What I love most about Sephora’s scents are their ability to make you feel- my new Sephora scent will always bring me pure bliss, happiness and uplifting comfort. There are so many options to choose from to find your own unique fragrance. From clean and crisp to rich and spicy, these niche perfumes will leave a lasting effect with everyone in your life, so choose yours carefully and never lose your sight.

In partnership with Sephora.