I love modernizing vintage prints with trendy bold accessories, like how I styled the H&M dress with my favorite belt and Acne booties. Your clothes don’t necessarily have to be vintage, they can be vintage-inspired and will still showcase the vibe you’re going for in your look. The best

Haven’t been in the mood to write a lot lately (don’t really have that much to say) and I think people aren’t really reading as much with how fast the world is going. I do try to make time for it but I need a very cut down version, basically the cliff notes version. So here goes, short and to the point: Knits have been ruling my closet lately so I decided to create a story around all things knitwear.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “What does fashion mean to me?” as a lot of my readers know, I believe fashion is the truest expression of ones self, something that can be viewed by everyone and no words needed. Sometimes I can see my mood…

I am so excited about the new menswear collection that just launched over at JustFab.com this is truly menswear at its finest. To be completely honest I am not a flats girl by any means but for some reason cupid shot his arrow and I fell in love with oxfords. One of the things I