November 28 2016

I have found decorating a new house so demanding with a side of out of my mind insanity its probably cause I do that thing that always gets me in trouble, I think too much, and I rush. I really thought a year was enough time but with changes in the so called plan like getting pregnant and ripping..

November 15 2016

As I have mentioned in the past I have been putting my house together, slowly but surely. It has been a long process and its still not complete but I thought I would share a preview of one of my favorite pieces so far, a piece of art work by photographer and fellow Texan living in LA Gray Malin.

I’ve been working on building my husband and I’s dream living room since we had initially moved in. Although the current set up is only temporary it was good enough for the time being. But now, adding the credenza and within a few weeks my new couch, there will only be a few more pieces left and finally we will have a living room after well over a year of only having a baron space. I can’t even believe that is finally possible!

Slowly but surely, I will make sure that I get the right pieces that are perfect for the space. But this is a great starting point! I have my new fragrance and I can’t wait for my new furniture.

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Its been a very long process and I have to admit we still don’t really have a living room. A while back I ordered this piece from a fellow Texan living in LA Gray Malin. Gray shot these 1000 year old trees in Namibia.

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