Discovering new go-to products are special moments that a woman never forgets! Here are some of my favorite new beauty discoveries for summer.

I had been searching the perfect liquid liner for what feels like an eternity until I discovered Estee Lauder’s sleek liquid liner. I instantly fell in love after the first wear- it’s long lasting formula stays on, doesn’t flake and glides with ease! The high quality and functionality of this liner is what will my me a repeat customer- the product is dual ended, one micro-thin and the other a little chunky to create a perfect winged look! I like to start by using the fuller end of the liner to create the base line of my wing along the eyelid and finish it off with the slim side to sweep the wing. I am seriously kicking myself that I hadn’t tried it sooner!

One product I thought I had sworn off for good was primer. I’ve never had a good experience with any brand of primer and up to this point I had lost faith in the product all together because it had always made my skin break out. Then I found my perfect primer, Laura Mercier’s newest primer is breathable, lightweight and stays on through anything! Besides its comfortability and long-lasting wear, it hydrates my dry skin (preventing those pesky breakouts) and has a soft dewy finish for a fresh look that’s perfect for spring and summer! I like to combine Laura Mercier’s primer with my Hourglass foundation for those days when I need long lasting wear.

I can’t stop raving about my sister’s new line of lid tints! It’s the perfect formula for dewy, hydrated lids! The sheer formula applies so easily, you can keep the look light or add layers for a dramatic effect. These lid tints have quickly become a staple in my beauty routine- with the new colors Ruby and Glimmer on repeat. If you usually opt for something more natural, test out the Glimmer shade-it’s easy and effortless with just the right amount of shine to make a statement. If you have a flare for the dramatic, the Ruby lid tint adds a romantic pop of color to your beauty look. This product is all organic, vegan and paraben/gluten free with ingredients like corn starch to give the tint a strong hold for all day wear!

Speaking of tints, I can’t get enough of the MAC Next to Nothing tint cream! It’s sheer, dewy and is comparable to Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. The nourishing ingredients in this tint cream highlights but doesn’t damage your skin! The texture felt smooth and silky as soon as I applied it to my skin! I love this highlighter because it makes me feel fresh-faced and hydrated! My tip with this product is to try mixing two different colors for a more bronzed summer look.

I am all about hydration with my beauty products, if you couldn’t already tell. I have been using the GOOP Replenishing Night Cream on and off for a few months now when I feel like my skin needs a little extra attention. I was first introduced to this product at a GOOP event at the Grove and instantly was attracted to its lush, supple texture. This night cream is the perfect product for your skin to soak up overnight as your body replenishes and heals from the damage of harsh sun rays and makeup!

With my sensitive, dried out skin it can be challenging to find cleansing wipes that don’t irritate or hurt my skin. When I was talking about my skin issues with my good friend and professional makeup artist, Merav, she immediately recommended Celkin Cleansing Wipes. Not only are they at an affordable price point but there are 4 different varieties catered to every skin type out there! One of the trickiest areas of the skin is the under eyes because they are sensitive, thin layers of skin and can become dried out quickly. Celkin Wipes are gentle and nourishing yet tough enough to remove waterproof products including eyeliner. Merav definitely got me hooked and I’ve been sold ever since!

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