angela-fink-the-fashion-sight-lip-color-2I believe that there is always a perfect lipstick for every look. My three favorite colors right now are polar opposites and make their own individual statements.

I love the dark brown shade because it’s a modern neutral tone that can easily transition from summer into fall. For these hot summer days I style an effortless sundress with chic sandals and complete my outfit by sweeping the brown shade over my lips. Even though the dark brown doesn’t have the light and airy summer feel, it’s a sun play on a burgundy lip that won’t clash with whatever vibe I’m going for with my outfit. This shade can be made dramatic, bold and edgy or taken down a few notches for a relaxed, cool effect.

Another one of my go-to’s recently has been this pale almost nude shade. It goes with just about anything and is perfect for that “no makeup” look. When you’re in a hurry or want a little something extra to put on before heading out for brunch with friends or a day filled with summer activities and get togethers. It won’t look caked on and feels so lightweight, you won’t have to think twice about it!

On the contrary, the cherry red shade is the opposite of subtle. For some, this color seems untouchable and difficult to pull off. But, if you take into account your personal style, you’ll find ways to work it into your beauty routine. I prefer to pair this color with my favorite jeans and a comfy plain white t-shirt . For a night out, you could complete the look with a leather jacket draped on your shoulders and heels or for a daytime look, knot the t-shirt and add delicate jewelry with a pair of slides or sandals.

See below for more of my favorite colors and brands.

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