Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with “California girl style” is a swimwear and my ultimate California cool staple has to be my favorite Farfetch swimsuit. I love the vintage vibe this two-piece gives with palm leaves and the vibrant burnt orange hues that are reminiscent of the coast.

Growing up in Texas, I always felt like a part of me wanted to go out into the world and see what else it could offer. When I was young, California was the all encompassing place that offered unlimited possibilities. I dreamed of living along the sun soaked coast, spending days with my toes grazing the salty waves, catching up on my favorite fashion editorial articles, and skimming through magazine pages filled with inspirational images. Reminiscing of how I dreamed of California is eye opening to me because I followed my dream and made it happen-by myself, for myself!

I feel like I’m living my California dream every day. I have the city and sand at my fingertips in a moment’s notice. Now I’m able to give my daughter those same opportunities I dreamed of when I was young. While California isn’t for everyone, I’ve found solace in living by unconventional means. Being a fashion blogger and stylist was in no way what I imagined as my future career path- I had no idea what I wanted to become back then but I knew I’d somehow find my way through fashion and style. Every day is a little different and that’s what I love about my life, I never got stuck in a mundane routine.

I followed my sight, kept my dreams close to my heart and worked hard to get to this point. Now I feel like I’m reaping the rewards.

Follow your sight and keep in mind that pursuing your dreams will take time but everything will work out if you have faith and believe in yourself, I promise you that!

Swimsuit: Haight | Sunglasses: Sonix | Beach Blanket: French Connection | Gold Hoops: Vintage | Market Bag: Etsy

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  • Dylana

    Congrats girl on living the California Dream! I miss home a lot 🙂