It may be a cliché, but throughout my life I’ve learned that the most self-empowering and important aspect of being true to who you are is to believe in yourself. Speaking from experience, I know that it can make or break a situation. I especially needed to believe in myself when I changed careers after working as a stylist for years to venture off and do my own thing. However, during that strenuous time in my life I experienced more challenges and ended up holding myself back because I didn’t believe in myself. I lost myself in the popularity, social media approval and following and that resulted in not acknowledging my strengths and talents along with losing sight of my passion, determination and drive.

It definitely took me a minute to realize I fell into this unhealthy pattern and although that difficult time may not have lasted long, the epiphany of staying true myself will stay with me forever. Sometimes you have to be the one to pick yourself back up because at certain times in your life you will be on your own. If I ever find myself feeling down again, I clear all of the negative thoughts from my mind, give myself a positive mantra and change my perspective while staying true to my sight.

Coat: Helmut Lang | Dress: Ganni | Bag: Chloe | Boots: Karen Millen

Photographer: Skinny