September 29 2016

I know now why its called Vanish cause every imperfection you could think of was covered. It was like a concealer stick for my face, creamy and latest all day. I have yet to go back to Chanel foundation and am about to order my second stick.


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July 29 2016

I love the dark brown shade because it’s a modern neutral tone that can easily transition from summer into fall.

For these hot summer days I style an effortless sundress with chic sandals and complete my outfit by sweeping the brown shade over my lips. Even though the dark brown doesn’t have the light and airy summer feel, it’s a sun play on a burgundy lip that won’t clash with whatever vibe I’m going for with my outfit.

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One of my favorite beauty routines is a good-looking manicure, although sometimes it can be hard to maintain and difficult to find time to run into the salon.

Perfectly undone, two words that best describe my hair goals, always. I use to haul around a travel size baby powder in my purse/car so that my hair would always look fresh after a few days cause lets be honest 2-3 day hair is often the best hair.

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I ’ve been the biggest fan of Make beauty products for years now and I finally got the opportunity to sit down with the Make team and interview the creator/ Creative Director, Ariana Mouyiaris while

Let’s be honest, Honest Beauty is one cool ass company. From their visually perfect packaging to their uplifting yet funny phrases like #faceanything, Let’s Be Honest, or hit refresh. Not only is it lovely to

It happens so fast that I find myself with too many beauty products. The thing is I like to try new stuff, I mean you really never know what your new favorite moisturizer is going to be unless you try everything.