Perfectly undone, two words that best describe my hair goals, always. I use to haul around a travel size baby powder in my purse/car so that my hair would always look fresh after a few days cause lets be honest 2-3 day hair is often the best hair.

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I ’ve been the biggest fan of Make beauty products for years now and I finally got the opportunity to sit down with the Make team and interview the creator/ Creative Director, Ariana Mouyiaris while

Let’s be honest, Honest Beauty is one cool ass company. From their visually perfect packaging to their uplifting yet funny phrases like #faceanything, Let’s Be Honest, or hit refresh. Not only is it lovely to


It happens so fast that I find myself with too many beauty products. The thing is I like to try new stuff, I mean you really never know what your new favorite moisturizer is going to be unless you try everything.