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I met TyLynn through a mutual friend in the industry and we hit it off immediately! Within the first few minutes of talking with her, I could sense her passion and creativity. It was so inspiring to listen to her speak about her intimates line, modeling, her family including her two beautiful children, her inspirations and influences as a designer. Her essence caught and kept my attention, she exuded this pure light and energy that I so rarely come across.

Instantly, I knew I absolutely had to share both her inner and outer beauty with whomever I could. We initially began speaking on Instagram and then I asked if she would do me the honor of guiding me through her workspace, to see her creative process and environment.000045190009_1She works downtown LA, in a beautiful studio space, engulfed by tons of light. Through my first steps into her studio I could see what motivates and inspires her work. Upon my entrance I met her husband, another leading force/motivation in her life. Their relationship was beautiful to watch; every time they spoke she glowed and her eyes were filled with love and adoration. A guiding force in TyLynn’s work and all that she does will always be her family and loved ones. Since my mom was visiting that week, I brought her along and found that her and TyLynn quickly hit it off talking babies and family life, cuddled up together in the corner of her spacious studio.000044750031
As I was looking through her newest collection, I was in awe of the rich hues and dreamy colors she chose. The collection showcased her beautiful concepts and designs and embodied simple, feminine sophistication with no distractions. The collection was stunning and nothing short of amazing. It carried all the right pieces with no excess; all of her pieces became necessities as soon as you laid eyes on them. The slip dress is one of my favorites, not only can you wear it for a day in, but also throw on a bomber and sneakers for a day out. I envision wearing her pieces as I’m sipping my morning coffee and scrolling through Instagram.

One of my favorite aspects of her new collection is that such a wide range of women, despite personal style, can wear each of the pieces. It’s universally fashionable, desirable and chic. TyLynn’s collection is the new seduction, not over the top yet instead minimalistic and chic.000045190001

Where did you grow up? Boston, MA

How long have you been modeling? Since I was 17 years old.

How long have you been in the fashion industry? 11 years

Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? Yes.

What got you to the point of starting your own lingerie line? When I was little my mom was in the army. She was a Drill Sargent. My mom made a big deal out of wearing nice intimates. I remember her getting ready for work and throwing on her Eres bra and full panties. It stuck with me and after I went to school for fashion design I decided lingerie would be my medium.

What influenced the third season of your current collection? Cy Twombly has an untitled painting from 1985 (see below)


Favorite piece from collection and why? I wear the calla slip in and outdoors and the rose bra and panty I can’t live a day without!

Will you expand your designs into the rtw world? Yes. But right now my focus is intimates and sleepwear.

Who do you make your lingerie for? The average woman? I don’t believe any woman is average. I make intimates for superwomen.; Mothers, girlfriends, wives, career women, lovers, artists, all shapes.

Where is your collection available? To date we are in 3 locations in California. Inland and guild in venice. La Tres lingerie in DTLA. We are also located in one location in Stockholm called Mumbaistockholm and coming soon to love Twain out of Australia.

What are your inspirations? What do you draw from or source for designs? I am inspired by abstract art mostly. Sprinkled with a little glamour from the 90s. It leaves one to interpret and use the imagination. I think it’s so important to continuously use your imagination. It opens all doors in day to day life.

What message are you conveying through your work? Empowerment.

Work goals? Brick and mortar 2018, RTW, and to reach more women.

Personal goals? Be the best mother I can be and travel more.

What motivates you personally and professionally? My children motivate me the most. I will leave a legacy for them and willing to work for that everyday.

A few of my favorite pieces



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