the-fashion-sight-harold-kensington-insight-11I sat down with Harold Kensington to discuss his design process, his aesthetic and to really delve into his inspirations and experiences as a young, up-and-coming designer. Harold got his start at DVF then made his way to Celine and from there, collaborated with Kanye West on his collection, Yeezy Season 1 and is now currently focusing on his own line.

Throughout his time at these design houses he began to understand the industry and what it would really take to do this on his own. He applied research, history and knowledge of materials and hardware to his design process and learned from these big brands how to overcome and adjust to curves along the way through his tenacity, patience and execution. But most importantly, he became inspired to invest in himself and to trust in his personal sight, journey and process as an individual and designer to create a line centered on re-inventing functionality and sustainability.

What is your full name?Harold Kensington

What is your job title?Creative director

What is the time line of places you lived and when?Well this would probably be a back and forth especially with Nyc and London, however I have lived in London most of my life and about 13 years, in NYC for about 2 years in total and Los Angeles a year and several months, I have had brief moments in other cities like Milan for about 3 months Chicago for a month

Where and when were you born?I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, April 1990

When did you move to the UK?I moved to the U.K. At the latter point of the year 2001, quite young with my parents and siblings,

How old were you?I was about 11 going on 12 at that point



When did you move to NYC?I moved to NYC 10 years later after moving to London…quite sprightly I was looking to a new journey in life in yet another great western society

How old were you?I was about 21

When did you move to LA?I moved to LA when I was 24, a very much different environment but nonetheless progressive for my ambitions

What do you love most about what you do?I love the fact that I can combine my admiration of history and communicate it within my delivery of designs; its my technique of finding an informative and relevant method to read more with every collection I develop

How long were you at Celine? I was at CÉLINE for a year and a half

What is your 1 favorite thing that you learned at Celine?I learned that my thought process I developed from college was applicable and apt no matter what direction I took…it’s quite a pleasure to know that I have an algorithm for delivering a pertinent collection each time

What was your favorite part about working with Kayne & Yeezy?The skill of combining my luxury background with a contemporary urban direction, this has truly informed my current direction

What is your least favorite thing about working with K & Yeezy?Nothing at all of significance, I find that each challenge provides a knowledge I never had, and working on the yeezy line gave me the knowledge and ability to create a contemporary ready to wear brand

Why is fabric & materials so important to you?That’s easy, because it well and truly defines your collection, working with the fabric to develop a collection is the only way to have a delivery one is content with to their most level, you will be aware of the reality of forming a design should you have it before you start the season

What do you love about LA the most?Location, location, location!! I literally want to shoot everywhere!! It’s such a beautiful atmosphere and environment!

What are you thoughts on unisex clothing?It’s the now and the future, it’s time designers focus on the wear rather than the who, you know according to size of course…if the design is great anyone should be able to wear it comfortably, the true meaning of clothing is modesty of our natural state, so why is there decision in types of clothing? Because of taste and attraction…now that’s a sub importance to the true function of clothing!

Why did you feel it was time to start your own collection?Because fashion needs a new forward thinking movement, a relevant progression…whether I am the one to deliver or contribute to it…I know I shall be one to create and explore definitely!

Who is your favorite person in the world?My sister…she is a female version of me but a lot more hilarious and strong!

What is your message?My message is and has always been Form should be backed by Function

What do you want your line to say?I believe my line is saying comfort is luxury and it offers that at every level

Harold captures the passion and drive that a young, modern designer needs to be successful in the industry. With his tenacity, patience and endurance Harold’s career is destined to go great places because he stays true to his vision and sights as a designer.

View more of Harold’s collection and be sure to follow Harold to see sneak peaks of his new collection

Photographer Porter Counts

Videographer: Kelly Bolton

Creative Director: Angela Fink