Recently I have started a new ritual at home during lunch. If I’m not out and about pulling clothes for shoots or lunching with friends I’m usually on my computer writing on my blog, replying to emails and concepting new creatives aka glued to my computer. I would often go for a hike in the middle of the day so to relax my eyes and bring myself out of the k hole that is my computer but I started craving more away time.

To get that time away from the computer I start implementing a mandatory lunch away from the computer. I mean how easy is it to make a quick salad and write emails while scarfing (is that even how you spell it?) down a meal. I said no more. So now I make a yummy healthy lunch, sit at the kitchen table and I DONT BRING MY PHONE, grab some inspiration like a good book I’ve been reading or this article that I was reading today for Porter Magazine with Sienna Miller.

I could feel my anxiety level go down, I enjoyed my food AND actually ate slower. Yes, food is fuel but why not enjoy it while fueling up. I went back to work with a new, more clear energy about me. The feeling of pushing myself past the point of exhaustion was gone and I felt renewed. I always thought that pushing all day everyday was the way to success, the way to meet this unrealistic goal I had set for myself instead I became ridiculously tired and even angry. It took me a while but I really have found ways to renew myself during the day and actually achieve more with lots of practice and changing what doesn’t work.

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  • Love this! I need to start doing it as well.

  • It’s so important to sit down and eat your food with no distractions, helps your digestion system by eating it slower!

    Something I also must learn to practice what I preach though, I often wonder why I don’t seem to be reading my magazines as much anymore and its because I don’t give myself the time to!

    Heather x http://www.atelierofstyle.co.uk