70’s VIBES





Moving to Texas has really made me appreciate good vintage pieces and seeing my closet in a new light. For 10 plus years I have been spoiled with being in the stores every week, pulling new items, seeing new collections and shopping A LOT! Now I live about 30 minutes outside of Dallas and I am not shopping every week. Of course I am online, social media and style.com looking at collections and inspo but seeing a jacket in store and buying it immediately isn’t the same. So I have become more creative in reinventing my closet and making the old new again. I do invest in pieces that I know will carry me thru the season and to be honest I like living that way so much more. It makes me stop and appreciate the items that I choose and I give thought to the ways to wear it. I am really liking this evolution of style and bringing old favorites back to life.

Fur: Vintage | Shirt: Zara something similar by Asos | Jeans: Reformation | Boots: Ask’a | Sunglasses: Celine | Rings: Vintage

Images by: Porter Counts