I remember as a child my mom loved to buy into the easy clothing set that would come with two pants, a skirt, a few tops and a jacket. All the pieces would go together in a variety of different ways. I can still remember thinking what a funny concept, why would someone want to take the fun out of creating a new look each day. Ha, then I grew up and realized that sometimes the no-fuss looks are just as rewarding. My mom was a busy lady and with her schedule she needed something spelled out for her while looking put together for her job.

So this is what I have outlined here in my 3 versatile travel pieces. This summer I’m sure we all have that special date on our calendar. Where we’ll be traveling to that special place you have been looking forward to all winter long. What you haven’t been looking forward to is packing. Even talking about it can bring on anxiety. Overpacking leads to heavy luggage and way too much confusion where as under-packing leaves you with no options. Vacation is a time to relax and refresh and look good doing it.

Above I’m wearing 3 pieces that can make packing for vacation easy. You have your lite weight jacket that can be worn on the plane with a tee and joggers as well as a swimsuit cover up. The pants can be dressed up with a heel for a night out or down with a slides for cruising around town. The pants are a statement piece too which can be adventurous. The bando is great for almost every body type which can be worn with a high waisted pants like here or some vacation friendly shorts.

Photographer: Vincent Elejorde

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